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Automatic Intelligent Image Correction

Running paperless requires capturing crystal-clear scans of printed documents that can be extremely difficult and time-consuming to achieve. Imperfections on the page scan settings should be manually adjusted per page to ensure that the clearest document image is captured. Multiplied by the sheer number of documents in a typical organization’s archive, this amounts to a process that is as tedious as it is unproductive.

Visioneer’s Acuity image enhancement software dramatically improves the visual clarity of every document you scan automatically. Our advanced algorithms and dynamic thresholding technologies intelligently optimize every scan to capture the sharpest images of your documents.


Intelligent image correction for high
quality document scans

Improved Optical Character
Recognition (OCR) accuracy

Rapidly scan documents in bulk
with automated optimizations


Download the Visioneer Acuity Data Sheet to learn more about how you can capture document images of the highest quality by just hitting "scan."

Download Data Sheet


Automated Page Correction

Straighten, crop, despeckle, reorient and adjust the contrast of scanned images all at the press of a button.

Dynamic Threshold Options

Capture crisp and clean black-and-white images that accurately preserve fine details.

Automatic Color Dropout

Detect and remove specific colors from scanned documents to better isolate the details you want to capture.

Seamless Integrations

With Visioneer’s TWAIN™ driver or OneTouch®, Acuity can communicate with any scanner to dramatically enhance image quality.