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Pleasanton, CALIFORNIA – April 16, 2009 – Visioneer®, Inc., a leader in intelligent imaging solutions, is pleased to announce Visioneer PowerTools, a free software upgrade for Visioneer OneTouch that brings an even greater level of organization to the document imaging process. Visioneer OneTouch PowerTools give users additional functionality within the Visioneer OneTouch interface to scan to multiple destinations at the same time, save scans with a custom name, pre-select the saving location for scanned images, make adjustments to the image during the scanning process and much, much more.


“PowerTools is the perfect companion to Visioneer OneTouch,” said Walt Thinfen, vice president and chief information officer at Visioneer. “PowerTools introduces many new and valuable features that our customers have been asking for. As a matter of fact, this utility was developed in-house by a member of our technical support team in response to customer requests. We already have a number of customers using the utility and are extremely satisfied with how it addresses their company’s special needs.”


Do More with OneTouch

A link to the PowerTools software is on the Visioneer website. The download will install two new destinations, PowerTools and PowerTools Plus, within the OneTouch interface that can be easily configured for use.


PowerTools allows the user to choose a custom naming scheme, prompt for the file name and/or folder. Users often scan to a default folder and then rename their file after OneTouch assigns a generic file name such as “OT001”. Visioneer PowerTools allows users to give the file a specific name (that relates to the content in the document) during the scanning process. In addition to scanning to a selected folder location, users now have the option to also email the file, create a PDF, print it or send it to another application with the press of a single button. PowerTools also “remembers” previous file names and save locations. This is done through two new options to “Remember Last Name Used” and “Remember Last Folder Used”.


PowerTools Plus gives users the ability to adjust their final image before the scanning process takes place. Users can configure Visioneer OneTouch to automatically remove blank pages, or use blank page as a job separator, clean the edges of a document, black background scanner cropping, page rotation and redaction.



Visioneer OneTouch PowerTools is easy to install and can be downloaded from www.visioneer.com/powertools free of charge. Complete instructions are included with the download and technical support is available as needed. The only system requirement is a Visioneer or Xerox DocuMate scanner with a current Visioneer OneTouch driver. Visioneer OneTouch PowerTools is a BETA product and has not yet been certified by Visioneer Quality Assurance.



About Visioneer

Visioneer provides a broad range of scanning solutions for the desktop, distributed and departmental document imaging markets as well as the mobile and remote business scanning segments. In 2003, Visioneer combined its leading scanner technology with the Xerox brand recognition to develop the Xerox DocuMate product line. Visioneer and Xerox DocuMate high-performance business scanners and imaging software solutions offer users speed, image quality, advanced paper handling and ease-of-use with exclusive Visioneer OneTouch® technology. For additional information on Visioneer and Xerox scanning solutions, visit www.visioneer.com or www.xeroxscanners.com.


Visioneer offers both product lines under a single reseller partners program. The 20/20 Perfect Vision program optimizes VAR margins and sales opportunities through volume incentive rebates, sales support and marketing tools. Additional information can be found at www.visioneer.com/2020.


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