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Secure, Redundant and HIPAA compliant Document Capture In Just One Touch 

Pleasanton, CALIFORNIA - April. 28, 2008 - Visioneer, Inc., a leader in intelligent imaging solutions, and, Inc., a complete document management service and solutions provider for both onsite and offsite needs, today announced a certified Visioneer OneTouch Link to phCONNECT document management software. Using the Visioneer OneTouch® Links Software Development Kit (SDK), the two companies co-developed the link that allows users to scan documents into PaperHost, a web based home of on-demand document management, through phCONNECT with the touch of a single button. PaperHost is a web centric suite of technologies designed for management of virtually all document types across the enterprise.

Walton Regional Medical Center (WRMC), just outside Atlanta, provides general medical and surgical care for inpatient, outpatient, and emergency room patients.  WRMC was experiencing great difficulty and “pain” tracking Surgery and Radiology orders internally throughout the center and to physicians in outlying satellite offices.

According to Kristie Etheridge, Coordinator of Benefits, Patient Registration, “The paper-based system was slow, inefficient and very difficult to manage. The process added unnecessary time and expense for the care of each patient. We needed a central location to store all orders with fast and easy access, but it had to be very secure, allow access to audit reports, HIPAA compliant, redundant for disaster recovery and business continuity purposes, yet easy-to-use.

“PaperHost provided their phCONNECT software solution that interfaces seamlessly with the Visioneer OneTouch with Kofax VRS technology using the Xerox DocuMate 152 scanner. Now the people who manage the orders can quickly scan and index them and make the orders instantly available for all those that need access.”

“Visioneer has created a true one touch scanning solution,” said Ed Marks, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at PaperHost. “The net result is the person who touches the original Surgical or Radiology order first, never has to keep up with the paper again. Everything is on PaperHost now, so employee and physician requests, back to the administrator, have dropped to zero. Medical personnel can spend more time taking care of their patients and not their paper work. The OneTouch/Kofax VRS/phCONNECT software requires virtually no training.  Also, because there is very little upfront investment in hardware, software, installation, maintenance and training to get started, their ROI is less than two months. Based on information provided by the customer, we estimate their ROI in the first month and every month thereafter to be a minimum 250%.”

All documents scanned through any OneTouch Link also have improved image quality instantly through use of Visioneer OneTouch with Kofax® VRS™ (VirtualReScan®) technology before being sent to PaperHost. The OneTouch Link to PaperHost will be available through the Visioneer website at .

Many healthcare providers today have developed complicated workflows to manage paper records and cope with inadequate or limiting technology,” said John Dexter, vice president of business development at Visioneer.  “However, this can easily be corrected if hospital admission offices deploy scanners in their admissions process to assure that all necessary incoming patient documents, authorizations and insurance ID cards are captured accurately and securely, then electronically attached to the patient or accounting record.  PaperHost is delivering an exceptional solution.”

The project has been so successful for WRMC that they also bought two Xerox DocuMate 262i scanners for Patient Registration because of their built function to easily scan insurance cards and driver’s licenses along with Lab orders and any other ancillary admittance papers that WRMC may need.

Visioneer SDK for ISVs

The Visioneer OneTouch Links SDK is a wizard-based template that can be used to easily implement new functionality within the Visioneer OneTouch interface.  Links developed with the OneTouch Links SDK will have access to all OneTouch functions, including the benefits of Kofax VRS technology that is integrated into Visioneer OneTouch.  Links can be created to provide scan-to destinations, such as applications, devices (printers or fax servers) or locations (network or local folders).

The OneTouch Links SDK list price is $499, which includes a support component, and is available from Visioneer. For more information, developers should contact the Visioneer business development team at

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