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It all started with a simple question: How do you get information off paper and into a computer?

PLEASANTON, Calif., July 18, 2014 – A pioneer in the early days of document imaging, Visioneer is celebrating 20 years of dedication to the innovation and development of scanners that intelligently complete tasks from start-to-finish in one easy step. Visioneer gained widespread success and market share with one of the first sheetfed scanners to ever hit the market during a time when roughly 12 other companies were trying to market similar devices. Today, Visioneer is a leader in scanner and document management solutions and the only company dedicated solely to developing a broad range of easy-to-use and cost effective scanning solutions.

The promise of the paperless office never really happened and that prompted Visioneer’s founders to design a solution that could deal with paper, business cards and receipts that typically were filed away in boxes. In 1994, Visioneer broke new ground with the introduction of PaperMax, the first easy to use sheetfed scanner designed for the everyday business user. Visioneer scanners bridged the gap between paper-based and computer-based information by streamlining the conversion of paper into digital form.

“Twenty years ago the majority of scanners for sale were high-end imaging systems used for desktop publishing and required trained users to operate,” said John Capurso, president and CEO at Visioneer. “Visioneer led the way into the future by creating a new category of document scanners that were easy to use by anyone.”

Visioneer went on to establish the multiple button scanner market in 1998 with the introduction of the original OneTouch scanner and changed the design of scanners forever. Visioneer OneTouch™ technology changed the way people used scanners by reducing the many steps required to scan a document to just one touch of a button.

“I’ve been covering Visioneer since it was a leading vendor of flatbed scanners,” said Ralph Gammon, editor of the Document Imaging Report. “The company has done an amazing job evolving to meet the changing needs of the market. Its OneTouch technology was revolutionary when introduced in 1998 and Visioneer has continued to improve on it, while its competitors have given One Touch the ultimate stamp of approval by introducing similar functionality in their own devices. Visioneer’s partnership with Xerox, its strong support of the TWAIN standard, and its new Acuity image processing are all the result of innovative and market-driven thinking that has helped Visioneer grow from a fringe player in the document imaging space to one of the leaders in a still growing market.”

“Our core focus throughout the years has remained, to give our customers the tools to be more creative, communicate more effectively, and increase productivity,” added Capurso. “We are grateful to so many that helped us to endure and thrive: our customers, channel and technology partners, and all the employees over the past 20 years who contributed to our success and made a positive impact then and now.”

Designed for every business user, Visioneer document scanning solutions are suitable for a wide variety of markets including healthcare, financial services, retail, education and state & local government, among many others. The Visioneer scanner range includes mobile, flatbed and sheetfed solutions, which perform 15 to 112 scans per minute.

About Visioneer, Inc.
Visioneer, Inc., a leader in scanner and document management solutions, offers a broad range of digital imaging hardware products for the desktop, distributed and departmental markets as well as the mobile and remote business scanning segments. In 2003, Visioneer combined its leading scanner technology with the Xerox brand recognition to develop the Xerox® DocuMate® product line. Visioneer and Xerox DocuMate high-performance business scanners and imaging software solutions offer users speed, image quality, advanced paper handling and ease-of-use with exclusive Visioneer OneTouch® technology. Visioneer is an authorized trademark licensee of Xerox. For additional information on Visioneer and Xerox scanning solutions, visit or For open commentary and industry perspectives visit

Visioneer offers both product lines under a single reseller partners program. The 20/20 Perfect Vision program optimizes VAR margins and sales opportunities through volume incentive rebates, sales support and marketing tools. Additional information can be found at


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