What software has been tested to work with Visioneer scanners? | Visioneer

What software has been tested to work with Visioneer scanners?

Certified OneTouch Links

The following independent software vendors have tested and certified our scanners to work with their applications.

ACheck21 ACheck21 Forms Processing http://www.acheck21.com
ATAPY Software EasySeparate Imaging, OCR, Forms Processing http://www.atapy.com
Laserfiche Laserfiche Imaging, OCR, Forms Processing https://www.laserfiche.com
Kofax Image Products Ascent Capture Imaging http://www.kofax.com
Kofax Image Products Express Imaging http://www.kofax.com
Kofax Image Products VRS (VirtualReScan) Imaging http://www.kofax.com
Nuance OmniPage Forms Processing http://www.nuance.com
Nuance Paper Port Imaging http://www.nuance.com
PaperHost PaperHost Forms Processing http://www.paperhost.com
Docuware Fortis Imaging https://www.docuware.com
Xerox Xerox DocuShare 6 Imaging, OCR, Forms Processing https://www.docushare.com


Compatible Vendor Software

The following vendor's software is configurable to work with the scanner model's driver; however, the vendors have not certified that their products are compatible with our scanners.

Company Product Category Website
Advanced Data Systems Corporation ADSC EHR / EMR http://www.adsc.com
Advanced Data Systems Corporation Medics Premier Practice Management Software
Advanced Data Systems Corporation MedicsDocAssistant  HER http://www.adsc.com
Advanced MD Advanced MD EHR http://www.advancedmd.com
Amazing Charts, LLC Amazing Charts EMR http://amazingcharts.com/
Vertafore AMS360 Insurance Management Systems http://www.vertafore.com
Applied Systems Inc. Aopplied Doris 32 Agency Management System http://www1.appliedsystems.com
AthenaHealth AthenaHealth
Best Case, LLC Best Case Bankruptcy Bankruptcy Filing Software http://www.bestcase.com
Brightree LLC Brightree HME / DME HME / DME  
Oracle Captovation Capture Image Acquisition http://www.oracle.com
CCC Information Services Inc. CCC One DMS http://www.cccis.com/
CompuGroup Medical (CGM) CGM Web Practive EMR http://webpractice.cgmus.com
CoActiv Medical CoActiv Exam-PACS RIS/PACS http://coactiv.com
ComputerEase Construction Software Computer Ease DMS http://www.construction-software.com/
Crystal PM Crystal PM Practice Management Software http://crystalpm.com
CureMD Healthcare Cure MD EMR http://www.curemd.com
Planet DDS Denticon Dental Practice Management https://www.planetdds.com
Dentrix Dentrix Dental Management http://www.dentrix.com
Docufree Docufree Document Scanning http://www.docufree.com
DocuTAP DocuTAP EMR http://docutap.com
DocuWare DocuWare ECM ECM https://start.docuware.com/
Patterson Dental Supply inc. Dolphin Orthodontic Practice Management http://www.dolphinimaging.com
Patterson Dental Supply inc. Eagle Soft EHR http://patterson.eaglesoft.net
Drake Software Drake Tax Software https://www.drakesoftware.com
Dynamsoft Dynamic Web Twain WEB Twain http://www.dynamsoft.com
E-Bridge Connections Ebridge ERP / Accounting system Link http://www.ebridgeconnections.com
eClinicalWorks eClinicalWorks EMR http://www.eclinicalworks.com
MPN Software Systems Eclipse EHR http://eclipsepracticemanagementsoftware.com
Modernizing Medicine Electronic Medical Assistant (EMA) EMR https://www.modmed.com
Epic Systems Corp EPIC EMR http://www.epic.com
SWLearning ExamView Paper Grading Software http://www.swlearning.com
Turning Technologies ExamView Paper Grading Software https://www.turningtechnologies.com
Exscribe, Inc. Exscribe EHR  http://www.exscribe.com
Eyefinity, Inc. Eyefinity EHR  https://www.eyefinity.com
Upland File Bound Cloudbased Flow Automator http://www.filebound.com
Thomson Reuters File Cabinet Paperless Document Management https://cs.thomsonreuters.com
GE GE Centricity  EHR  http://www3.gehealthcare.com
GTS GlasPac Shop management Software http://www.buyglasssoftware.com
gMed gMed EHR  http://www.gmed.com
HEAT Software USA Inc GoldMine CRM http://www.goldmine.com
Hill County Software Hill County Software Multiple Solutions http://hillcountrysoftware.com
Intellinetics Intellinetics Workflow Management http://www.intellinetics.com
InterAct Jail Tracker 4 Offender Management Software http://www.interact911.com
Jenesis Software, Inc. Jenesis Insurance Management Systems http://www.jenesissoftware.com
Kareo Kareo EHR  http://www.kareo.com
LaserFiche LaserFiche ECM https://www.laserfiche.com
MedForce Technologies Inc MedForce Scan Paperless Document Management http://www.medforcetech.com
Comtron Inc Medgen Web-based HER http://www.medgenehr.com
McKesson  MedSoft Clinical EMR http://www.mckesson.com
Medtech Systems Medtech  EMR http://www.medtechsystems.com
NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, LLC NextGen 5 EHR/EMR https://www.nextgen.com
Hyland OnBase ECM http://www.onbase.com
Viztek OPAL - WRIS RIS http://viztek.net
Open Dental Open Dental EHR  http://www.opendental.com
Ortho2 Ortho 2- Viewpoint Orthodontic Practice Management http://www.ortho2.com
j2 Paper Master Pro Paper Management http://www.j2.com
PaperCut PaperCut Print Management Software http://www.papercut.com/products/
McKesson Pharmacy Manager Pharmacy Management Systems http://betterpharmacytech.com/about-us/pms/
Practice Fusion, Inc.   Practice Fusion EMR http://www.practicefusion.com
Database Services Process Server Toolbox (PST) Process Server Software http://www.dbsinfo.com
Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.  Profit Stars - Synergy ECM www.profitstars.com
Bizmatics Progno CIS EHR http://bizmaticsinc.com
RapidLog Rapid Log Pro Auditing Software http://www.rapidlog.com
Regas REGAS DMS http://www.regas.nl/
ScanSTAT Technologies ScanSTAT EMR http://www.scanstat.com
Sevocity Sevocity HER EHR http://sevocity.com/
CareSteam Dental SoftDent EHR http://www.carestreamdental.com
SSI SSI Document Management DMS http://www.thessigroup.com
Sycle.net Sycle.net Practice Management System http://web.sycle.net
HP Teleform Data Extraction/Classification Software http://www8.hp.com
TRAKnet Charting Solutions TRAKnet EHR  https://www.traknetpm.com
Pegasus TransTech TransFlo-Express Truck Stop Scanning http://pegasustranstech.com/transflo-express/
TMW Systems TWM Imaging Document Management  http://www.tmwsystems.com
Tyler Technologies, Inc Tyler Systems Public Sector Software http://www.tylertech.com
VintaSoft VintaSoft TWAIN Image Acquisition Library http://www.vintasoft.com
WolfePak Software WolfePak Oil and Gas Accounting http://www.wolfepak.com